There’s Always Someone Worse… right?

The other day I was headed in a big hurry to a Bible Study. Because of my husbands new schedule, I’m forced to drag my kids to part of it and I was very nervous about how the logistics of it were going to work out. I did my usual get-in-the-car routine opening Abby’s door and telling her to climb up to her car seat, strapping Cate in and then going back to put on Abby’s seat belt. My mind was so occupied with the rush and the fear of my kids making a ruckus in a grown-up place that I forgot the last part. Abby had pulled her door shut herself and that caused me to just forget the whole going back to her side thing. I got in and started driving. Just as I pulled onto the busiest street in Missoula during the lunch hour, Abby says, “Mommy, the doors open.” As she HANGS OUT OF HER CAR SEAT TO TRY AND CLOSE IT!

I freaked.

Seriously. I was screaming at her to stay in her seat “for Heaven’s sake!” Poor kid.

I switched lanes (which wasn’t that hard seeing as the other motorists could see my swinging door), pulled over and went around to her side, strapped her in SECURELY, put the child lock on the door and made sure it was shut tight. I stood outside for a few minutes just to gain back my composure. I then reopened her door and hugged her thanking her profusely for telling me about the door and telling her she was a good girl for doing just what Mommy said. I’m sure as I headed back to my own seat and started up the car again that I saw someone in a black SUV dialing Children Services and reporting my license plate number.

If you think you make mistakes with your kids, just remember this little snafoo of mine and know that there is always someone worse out there than you and feel like a good parent.



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5 responses to “There’s Always Someone Worse… right?

  1. Ryan

    Since my wife will never read this (hehe), I’ll share mine. I was shopping up in Philadelphia and had to run in quickly to buy something that had been put on hold for me. Come on now, how long could that take in a small downtown storefront? Both girls were asleep, I found a metered parking spot right in front of the store (score, right?!), and since I had no change and was just going to be a minute, I left my sleepers in the car, paid no attention to the meter, and dashed inside.

    I get in and the single employee working that day is busy with a very needy customer, so I’m nervously glancing back and forth at the car, which seemed to be OK since it wasn’t rocking back and forth. Maybe 10 minutes of this goes by and a friendly Parking Authority lady prints off a ticket and puts it on my windshield. I go out to argue–I mean, discuss with her–that I was just right in that store there and would be happy to put another quarter in. At this point, I notice that BOTH girls are awake and SCREAMING their heads off wondering where in the world I could be.

    But hey, at least the Traffic Cop didn’t notice my kids were in a car unattended, right? Ahh, parenthood…

  2. Susanne

    Grief Callie….you are getting more and more like your father every day!

  3. Eunice

    Gary said to tell you that his daughter actually fell out of the car one day on Howard Gap Rd out in Fletcher. Fortunately she wasn’t hurt but they were really frightened.

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