Soap Opera Abby

Apparently, Abby’s imagination has really kicked in. She takes whatever toy she can get her hands on and turns them into characters in her running soap opera. I love watching it.

I have to tune in just before lunch and again at Cate’s nap time. These are the best times as Cate is not trailing after her, misplacing and drooling all over Abby’s heroines.

Today, there is a purple comb princess who’s sister is a green comb named Daisy. They are fighting over who is the most beautiful although Daisy is not in line for the thrown so who cares about her anyway. They are now playing nicely together but at any moment it could turn into an eye-scratching, hair-pulling cat fight. This is where being a comb comes in handy. They preen each other nicely after each fight saying please and thank you as though nothing has happened.

It’s amazing how she will switch from dialogue to naration and back.

“‘What are you doing, sister?'”

“And then she went to her sister and said, ‘A berry importat job.'”

This is all a very serious business.

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One response to “Soap Opera Abby

  1. I think you need a video of one of these for the rest of us fans to see….the Soap Digest is good….but the real thing is probably super cute!

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