Slash, Scratch and Sniff

Cate's even doing the claw!

Abby went to another Missoula Maulers game. She got to meet the mascot, Slash, this time. I painted her face again. We have taken to calling her Little Scratch. Last night, Cate was hanging around my knees while I was getting Abby done up. She wanted to be painted up too. I did a quick paint job on her face and she kept sniffling and snuffling. We call her Sniff. Now when we head out to the Mauler’s, we are taking Scratch and Sniff to see Slash! Love it.

Abby (Scratch) and Slash (The Missoula Maulers mascott)

She looks a bit apprehensive… You’d never know it by the picture but she walks around the house calling all her babydolls “baby maulers.” She’s in love with Slash! It’s a hoot. Daddy’s instilling great hometown team loyalty right from the beginning.


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