Cardboard or Eggs

Almost every day I text Andy and have him pick up one thing or another at the grocery for me on his way home from school/work. The other day he blew in around 9pm with a grocery bag and went straight to the kitchen to unload as usual.

“Babe, wanna try these?” They were rice cakes. Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue as the rice cakes I’m used to are flavored and salty. These were not your typical rice cake. Brown rice with 0 fat, 0 calories, 0 SALT! Seriously? That’s the only thing standing between rice cakes and cardboard. Am I right people? I need flavor. I need powdered cheese! I need sour cream and onion salt! I ate one… and instantly realized my mistake. I went to the kitchen for some water and there… on the counter was the empty wrapper from a Reese’s Easter chocolate and peanut butter egg. ARE YOU KIDDING? I know he’s trying to be helpful with the rice cakes but…

“You could at least hide the evidence!” I screeched at my perfectly shaped husband who can eat whatever he wants and never gain a pound!

Then I turned and on the stove was a WHOLE PACKAGE OF THEM!

“You don’t have to eat them,” I hear from behind me.

Really? After that rice cake? It’s my solemn duty to remind my body that there are better things in this life than rice cakes without salt… right? Like Reese’s Eggs?

I only ate one. So I lost the battle… BUT NOT THE WAR! The rest are on top of the fridge taunting me.



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2 responses to “Cardboard or Eggs

  1. Ha! You brought up a scary memory from yearssssssss ago.

    On one of many failed diets as a kid, I remember my mom buying lots of rice cakes for me.

    Those things were horrible. Some people actually like them and I think those people need their head checked.

    I disagree with one point you made. They are not like cardboard, they are more like styrofoam. 😀

    • Styrofoam is a wonderful comparison! Yes… disgusting. In the days that followed that fateful purchase each family member has tested and discarded said Styrofoam and there is one left sitting on the counter waiting for my mother-in-law to arrive when I’m sure the same thing will happen all over again.

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