Vegan Stoner

It’s not all that often that I will blog just about another blog but after becoming a vegan and having trouble finding simple yet delicious recipes that make food more than just getting out an apple and eating it for lunch, I have to admit, this is a refreshing take on vegan cooking. I would also LOVE to get a cookbook for the kids that was done in this style. It looks like something the kids would LOVE!

Today’s post about pita pizza is awesome although I have to admit that I’ve already done this. Here’s my take on pita pizza (albeit not as pretty as Vegan Stoner’s)

Pita, humus, kalamata olives, vegan cheese, artichoke hearts, mushrooms! Assemble, bake at 350 for 8-10 minutes or until cheese sets up a bit. Munch! I love it that Vegan Stoner always ends with munch!


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