There is something really weird about me. I can’t set the TV volume for an uneven number. If I feel it just has to be an uneven number, it has to at least be divisible by 5. Weird? Yeah. I know.

I also remember my phone number from when I was 6. (303) 667-9721. Check that out, Dad. I remember!

I hate stepping on cracks in the sidewalk. I will time my walk just to avoid them. Monkish, you say?

Listen to this. I hate sleeping in socks, I can go topless but not bottomless (TMI? I know, right?), I read books from the bottom of the page up because I think I’m getting the information faster, tags have to be INSIDE the pillowcase, I hate making lists where the items don’t add up to a number not divisible by 5 and I’m a little nuts on how I do the laundry. Andy calls me the laundry nazi. He’s band from doing laundry. (He leaves pens and highlighters in his pockets!) I just went from being a heavy meat eater to being a vegan. I didn’t even do the vegetarian step in between. I hate gardening but I love gardens. I love the smell of spring and fresh cut grass but not for to long. After a few minutes I have to go back in my house and know that I have running water and a bug free house because to much outdoors makes me feel like I’m camping. Eww… Yeah. I’m weird.




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6 responses to “WEIRD!

  1. Trina

    I have to group the canned foods and MUST have all of the labels facing the front. I also have to be the one to fold the laundry because when anyone else does it, it’s not as neat and doesn’t fit back into their proper places. Not to mention, some socks don’t have matches…drives me NUTS!

  2. Emily

    TV volume = me too!

  3. yeah…You are related to me. 🙂 I have way to long a list to mention. I hate having the volume on an odd number too. And I am a total control freak in my house which is ok since it’s just me and the kids so I can do everything just how I want to. 🙂 You know those reflectors which are spaced on the road between mile markers….I am annoyed that there isn’t a set amount that go a set distance apart. Try it….count the reflectors between mile markers and there’s never the exact same amount consistently. Yeah….I’m lame.

  4. Ryan

    Me, I go for function and efficiency over psychosis. I microwave things for 33 seconds instead of 30 because I have to move my finger less. The towel has to hang straight because it’s easier to get to dry my hands than if its hanging in a bunch. Ok, and I tuck the top sheet and blanket under my feet in bed so bugs and spiders can’t crawl up and bite me. And on the rare occasion I sleep by myself I tuck them under all of me so it’s like sleeping in a friggin’ cocoon. That’s functional, right?

  5. Well, good grief people. Ya’all sound normal to me. I relax by cleaning, like my chairs tucked in around the table, things picked up, bed made every morning, towels hung neatly so they dry after baths or showers, floor swept several times a day because I have elelphants and vultures living with me. I pick up toys all day because I and others have just about broken our necks navigating around them. I like things done right away and not left til someone feels like fixing/doing it. I hate trashy cars….I empty the trash at every “pit” stop. But I have relaxed through the years and when my eyes start to pop out I go into my “relaxing” mode and just get things done.

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