Hair Cuts!

The other day, Abby watched me cut my bangs.

Several weeks ago we bought her some safety scissors for her to cut paper. We have had a few words about ONLY CUTTING PAPERS. She has talked several times about cutting her hair but thank goodness safety scissors are just not sharp enough to cut even a bit.

I may have also mentioned that Abby loves to turn anything and everything into a person with dialogue and narration and the whole bit. It’s quite fun for her. Today, I got down her markers for her to color a picture while Cate was taking a nap and she quite quickly turned them into a family of long haired people. I turned around to find their hats (lids) off and her giving them hair cuts! Each tip was being snipped with the scissors. Her hands were covered in ink and the scissors where a plethora of colors.

My Little Stylist!


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One response to “Hair Cuts!

  1. laura

    How hilarious Callie. What a cutie! Isn’t it amazing the things they pick up from us? It actually scares me abit. Mia has to have a pillow for between her legs now since she found out what mommy’s xtra pillow is for:)

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