Slash, the remix

I have mentioned before that I have crazy neighbors. I do. In the duplex next to us lives a mom and her two sons. Maybe they are sons. I’m guessing they are sons. She drives a bangin’ Harley and they, all three of them, smoke together in the yard and have Slash hair. One of the boys even wears the floppy top hat. A throw back to he 80’s? They must be in high school because I see one of them walking past my house some school days with all the other kids. I have to admit, I have been a little nervous about them but they have always been nice. They stare up at me through their hair as I walk past their house and grin and wave their cigarettes in the air in greeting. We have never spoken.

Last night it snowed bucket loads. I dredged through the drifts with the kids, hauling them to MOPS and as I drove past the house, they weren’t out front. They were across the street, at the old lady’s house, shoveling her walkway. I was surprised. I hope I get another chance to say hi sometime. It would be nice to get to know my neighbors. I have to ask them if they are into 80’s music!


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