A Room of My Own

My first memory of Grandpa Dean is riding in his truck. He was taking us to his house and I was 4 years old. He told me that there was a room there just for me. Everything in it was for me. It was all my own. I was so excited. I could hardly stay in my seat until we got there.

When we arrived, he swooped us up the stairs of the large house and I stood in the doorway of The Room of My Own. It was pink. Just what a girl wants. It had a large closet and a built in vanity. There were two beds… But Grandpa assured me that my sister could sleep somewhere else and I could have the room to myself. He left me there to explore.

On the vanity was a box. I knew from living around teenagers my whole life what was in that box. The teenage girls all had one and it was the 80’s so it was full. It was a Kaboodle. It had MAKEUP! I was in 4 year old heaven. I went through looking at the beautiful colors.

The yellow, blue, green eyeshadow.

The heavy shades of blush.

The thick mascara.

The thought went through my mind that this couldn’t be right but then, Grandpa had said that everything in this room was just for me. So I dived in. I put on every color I could. I used everything in the box. 45 minutes later I headed down to present myself to the grownups.

“Tada! Aren’t I pretty?!”

My mother and father stared in stunned silence.

“You are BEAUTIFUL!” my grandpa exclaimed. He looked over at my mother. “I told her everything was her’s. How was I supposed to know Kim left her makeup here? Let her keep it.”

Mom let me wear it for about 10 minutes before she couldn’t take it anymore. She took me into the bathroom and ran my face under water. When I came out, I was pink faced from scrubbing. I have never forgotten how much fun I had and how I felt having a room of my own with everything I ever wanted in it.

I did end up sharing it with my sister because a room of your own in a big house decorated in a medieval style is way to scary for sleeping alone.

That is one of my best memories of Dean. I have a lot of great ones but that was the best and I never want to forget it.


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