Good Vibrations

Andy and I went to a concert. The Rock and Worship Roadshow. It was interesting.

It was a packed house. We got there only a few minutes before they were supposed to begin but it had already started and the place was full. There weren’t any seats left. We wondered around for a while looking and ended up standing in an aisle. Then someone announced that seats that were being held were not to be held anymore, that everyone had to find a seat and everyone else had to leave. It was just to packed and the fire marshal was going to shut them down. I had been watching to seats that had coats over them like a hawk. The coats came off and we SLID IN! I was totally proud of myself.

Anyway, I have to say that I must be getting old. It was way to loud for me. Thousand Foot Krutch played. I don’t really get their music. Lacrae was there. I can’t understand what he is saying most of the time. Every cell in my body was vibrating. My ears were ringing. I thought about leaving.

Then I saw a guy. He was balding, dressed in a polo, 40 something. He was a dad. His 15 year old son was there just loving every second of the bone jarring music. The best part. Dad was standing up, dancing, throwing his hands in the air, jumping, hooting and hollering right along with his son. The kid was loving it. “Yeah, this is awesome! Dad! WOOOOO!” It was crazy cool.

Music connects people.

When Lacrae was spitting out lyrics so fast I couldn’t catch anything they said, I used Andy’s blackberry to follow along and noticed something. If you follow Josh’s Blog, (in my sidebar), you know he’s struggling. A certain song was something he had blogged about. I realized what he had been trying to say. I knew what he was getting at.

Music connects people.

When you hear a worship song that you love, that makes your heart soar and your heart well up, you feel those good vibrations because music connects people.


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