Diet Incognito

I’m dieting. I’m a vegan and that’s my diet plan. I also exercise when the spirit moves me. One thing that really gets that spirit moving is watching the Biggest Loser. I’m sitting on the couch watching those people lift weight I only imagine lifting and running and being all healthy and stuff and I’m like, “I need to get out there and do something with my life.”

Today it was warm out. Apparently 45 degrees is warm for Missoula as noticed the natives breaking out shorts and high heals. I really thought about getting BOB out and taking the kids for a walk and getting that exercise I keep promising myself. But were two things wrong with that: 1. Lake Missoula still resides in my driveway preventing me from getting from the garage to the walkway without a canoe. 2. I needed to make something for the ladies’ luncheon today and cooking+getting the girls and me ready and out the door=no time for walking in the morning. So I skipped the walk and headed with my vegan black bean and couscous salad over to the luncheon where Shelly (aka The Temptress) awaited with the most awesome looking CHICKEN SALAD that went against all the vegan rules. It tasted amazing! I know. I ate it. I ATE IT! It was worth it.

Then came the topper. The Temptress pulled out GIRL SCOUT COOKIES. Not just any cookies. Chocolate Thin Mints. How am I supposed to resist that? So here I sit, on my couch, eating a sleeve of chocolate mint thins while hopefully burning calories vicariously through Jillian Micheals as her blood pressure shoots through the roof of the Biggest Loser gym while she yells at contestants to STAY ON THE DANG TREADMILL! I love it.



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2 responses to “Diet Incognito

  1. Carly Reed

    I watched the first episode of this season’s Biggest Loser, and I got totally hooked! But I was really unprepared for the consequences. Every episode is just so emotional it makes me tear up every singel time! C:

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