Who Came Before

I had issues with a bill that had been paid but didn’t get recorded correctly a year ago. It ended up at Credit Management and I got several calls to which I replied with screaming and indignation. I was angry that my credit might be in jeopardy. Anyway, just after we moved to Montana, I started getting calls from what looked to be the Credit Management number AGAIN! I freaked.

It turned out to be nothing.

For months, maybe years, I have been getting calls for someone who apparently had my number before me. The sheriffs office, credit agencies, even the odd date that she didn’t want to contact her again, all call my number.

“Hey, Kenda. This is Mark from last night.”

“This isn’t Kenda and I don’t think she wants to hear from you.”

I hadn’t had a call from them in a year or more when suddenly, the credit agency starts up its calls again and when I finally answered the phone fast enough to find out that it wasn’t for me but for her, I was relieved. Accept, they have been calling twice a week for 6 months!

Anyway, finally today, I called the credit agency that has been hounding me/her and told them to shove off… nicely. I mean, for goodness sake, she hasn’t had this number in 5 years. How come they have the “if this is not ______, you have a 3 second delay to disconnect” if they aren’t going to try a DIFFERENT number? Why are they calling me!? I told them that if they ever got ahold of her to let her know that Mark was ticked and she needed to deal with that outstanding warrant. Good luck, Credit Management!

Oh, the drama!



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3 responses to “Who Came Before

  1. myrtlebeachgirl1975

    HHAHAHA! Oh goodness, what a hilarious nightmare!

  2. Lindsey Painter

    Whoever had my number before me was into kinky and revolting porn. Every once in awhile I’ll get a picture text message and I’ll open it with great excitement hoping to see a new pic of one of my neices, or Erin and her dog, and I’ll instead be totally grossed out by something involving genitalia and usually feces or something like that. I called the phone company once to ask if I could block numbers and they told me that they don’t offer that feature. Ugh! I’d trade you for calls for Kendra any day!

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