The girls got some birthday money. We needed clothes and shoes. I hate shopping. Yes, this is all related. Today I went out WITH THE GIRLS (that’s not easy for me) and shopped for clothes. I never go to the mall because it’s way expensive and I basically walk around wishing I was rich. It just makes me cranky. I had been there a while back and saw some CUTE dresses for the girls that I REALLY wanted but were $100 for both. I decided against the crazy and stuck to the practical.

Today’s shopping entailed a lengthy car trip to the thrift stores in town. You won’t find me shopping for myself in these stores but for kids, it’s the only way to go. Why pay full price for something they are NOT going to wear out? You can find AMAZING kids brands at good thrift stores and let me tell you, there in Missoula, there are some GREAT stores.

I got 6 dresses, 3 pants (2 jeans and some cords), 2 shorts, 2 shirts, 2 sweaters, 2 pairs of shoes and 2 headbands AND a gift for my friend who is having a baby for $160 dollars. And just to let you know, 2 of the dresses were matching mod styles from Gymboree which I did give up and finally go too. They were % 30 off and that made up my mind for me! LOL!

I feel like I’ve done all the shopping I need to for the season. I hope so anyway. I’m sure there will be bathing suits and or some other little stuff but I feel like I really got some good deals.

My kids are going to be well dressed! Pictures of the mod dresses soon to come. (Maybe after I get some pearls and white gloves.)

Abby in a new outfit

Cate modeling the new hair accessories



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  1. They are so cute! Give my little girls kisses from Auntie Casey!!! Good job thrifting it by the way! You are awesome.

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