Distraction Shopping

As I sit here waiting for my baby to get back from the ER with Daddy, I’m distracting myself with some internet surfing/wish list shopping.

How about this awesome bag that makes me want to travel?

I don’t usually do headbands because… I totally can’t pull them off but this is really cool.

I also totally think this artist is under selling herself here.



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2 responses to “Distraction Shopping

  1. HOLY COW that girl is good. I LOVE her stuff! I’d love to get something of hers and put it in the condo someday… Can you imagine how much paint she goes through? Crazy talk.

    • I know right? It’s the perfect kind of painting to purchase in a series and decorate something awesome with. Like Donald Trump’s office… I’ve been watching to much Celebrity Apprentice lately. Guilty pleasures.

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