Savings is Killing Me

I’ve decided that the fall back of daylight savings is just… awful. If I could pick any day of the year that was going to be a bad day, this would be it! I can barely get my eyes open on a regular day. Today was a three-cup-of-coffee day. I never drink more than one cup because it messes with my nerves but I could NOT function.

It’s even worse than giving birth. At least then you can have an epidural and later, they hop you up on NARCOTICS (my favorite thing) and you LOVE EVERYONE. Not on fall back day. No one comes up to you and says, “Hey, I know it’s going to be a rough day because of the fall back. Here’s a Percocet.”

When I finally did start getting it together, I noticed that Cate hadn’t needed a diaper change ALL DAY! That coupled with the vomiting, diarrhea and lack of appetite worried me. It all ended up in a somewhat unnecessary trip to the ER. As soon as she had been poked and prodded, she came home and ate and drank… a bit. We are still watching her.

Abby whined all day AND I hadn’t grocery shopped in weeks so we were on a college diet of Raman Noodles and PB&J today. Andy had it even worse. He worked all day.

The worst part was that it was BEAUTIFUL out and I wanted to get out and exercise but with the ER trip, the grocery shopping needing to be done, it just didn’t happen. Maybe tomorrow.

I hear screaming. Apparently, it’s not over yet.


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