Sweet Pea and Daddy’s Superpower

At Christmas, Abby was gifted a plush Sweet Pea doll. She loves it. The other day she was trying to hold hands with the doll and walk down the hall but since Sweet Pea is a vegetable and has no hands, she was holding the hair. Hilarious! Anyway, she took it with her to MOPS the other day and WE LEFT IT! Horror of horrors!

Today, she was looking for her Sweet Pea. Daddy gave me that look like, “Crud…” Then he whipped out his super power – distraction.

Abby: Where’s my Sweet Pea?

Daddy: Right here.

Abby: No, the mommy Sweet Pea. The big Sweet Pea.

Daddy: (getting out another doll) This is Sweet Pea Mommy.

Abby: Oh…

*a few minutes later*

Abby: Where’s my Sweet Pea?

Daddy: Look in the toy box.

Abby: Ok.

*That distraction lasted several minutes.*

Abby: Where’s my Sweet Pea?

Daddy: What? What Sweet Pea? Isn’t this Sweet Pea’s puppy?

Abby: Daddy, you’re silly…. (and she was off to play)

He is amazing. Distraction is definitly his superpower.

Mommy to Daddy: “K, have you ever flashy-thinged me? K! Answer me! Have you ever FLASHY-THINGED ME?”

(Name that movie…)



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4 responses to “Sweet Pea and Daddy’s Superpower

  1. marci

    men in black!

  2. Lindsey Painter

    Men in Black of course! Great movie. 🙂

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