The Torch

Yesterday, I was sick. I was down for the count before I even got out of bed in the morning. Andy left for work early and I texted him that I wasn’t going to make it. He sent family to pick up the girls. It was the first real sick day I’ve had in THREE YEARS! I couldn’t believe how much rest I was getting.

After that first “blog” Andy put up, he’s been kinda obsessed with getting another one out there. Yesterday, when he got home from work, he decided something needed to go up on the blog for the day. He tossed off the March Madness blog. I think we may need to start a page just for him. Andy’s Thoughts! HA! I love it. Anyway, he came up to me after it was posted and said, “I’m carrying the torch while you are down.” I groaned. “That’s what you get when you are sick. Man blogs!”

Maybe that’s what I should call the page – Man Blogs.

The thing is – I love it that he wants to contribute. I love it that he’s interested in what I’m doing and wants to do it too. I love it that he’s so into our daughters and their lives that he puts their new pictures as his profile picture on Facebook. I love it that this parenting thing is both of our job and we are both embracing the hardships and the fun of sharing it all with people!


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