The Demise of Hollywood

You may know from reading previous blogs that Andy and I no longer have real TV. We have A tv. It is connected to Netflix online and and we watch the occasional DVD. We also watch Hulu if we are dying to watch a TV show here and there.

Last night, having the whole night to ourselves (granted, with me on the couch groaning that I was dying), we decided to watch a movie together. It was a struggle. THERE WAS NOTHING INTERESTING AVAILABLE! I remember the days when I would beg my parents to take me to the local video store and we would browse the aisles looking for the latest and greatest flick. Every weekend there was a movie that I couldn’t wait to see at the theater. (I should also mention that I liked violence whenever I was sick. I used to watch Aliens, Jaws, some sort of slasher flick whenever I was drowning in self pity.) Nowadays, I’m lucky to find one thing that interests me a little bit. I find myself turning movies and tv shows off before they are finished (a big change for the girl who just needed to know what happened) or walking out of a movie because either it was uninteresting or the content went completely against my moral fiber. I can count on one hand how many movies I have gone to in the theater in the past year and even less of those that I would say were worth it.

Last week my “watch” list contained Inn of the Sixth Happiness (which I have watch 100 times), City of Joy,and  All Creatures Great and Small (series). I suddenly realized these are all old movies/tv shows and they are all docu-dramas. WHAT? 10 years ago, it would have been like pulling teeth to get me to watch a docu-drama!

I have two theories on why I generally hate the movies:

1. Hollywood has gone completely mad and is incapable of producing smart, cleanish comedy that holds my attention.

2. I’m getting old. That’s right. I’m getting to the point were mindless entertainment is not enough for me anymore. I’m not old but I’m not young enough that I feel invincible and I want to spend my days learning something or at least truly enjoying something. I’m out of the 18-35 demographic before I even turn 35!

So I’m asking, please, Hollywood, make something that I can see on a date night. And you have until spring break to make that happen, ok? Let’s get on it!

Tell me about your favorite oldy but goody that still makes you chuckle or stop and say, hmmmm. I need suggestions.



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6 responses to “The Demise of Hollywood

  1. Martha

    I could watch Sabrina right now, (either the old or the newer one).Or Sweet Home Alabama or Steel Magnolia (again).

  2. Heather Briner

    I really like Bill Cosby Himself…It’s a dvd of his stuff. I laugh every time and I’ve watched it..I can’t count the number of times. I also really like Army Wives right now. I watch it on the internet once in a while.

    • I love Bill Cosby Himself. I’ve watched it so many times I can quote practically the whole thing. Why can’t there be more comedians like that these days? Are there and I just don’t know about them. The whole Cosby series is on Netflix now! It’s awesome…

  3. Lindsey

    Dirty rotten scoundrels. Love that movie! I also love all movies made from Jane Austin books. And the Oceans movies (Oceans 11, 12, 13…) are always on my top fav list.

    • I totally agree. I love all those movies! Although I thought Ocean’s 13 was getting to be just a meeting of the friends so they could hang… LOL! It was still cool.

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