An April Fools Giveaway!

I’m giving away some bling! These are some totally awesome ear rings created by one of my best buds over at A Civil Urbanity – Laura Shetley. She graciously offered them as a giveaway for my readers. Here’s the thing, I have my ears pierced. I like jewelry. I don’t get to wear it often but when I do, I like it to be heavy enough to pull down my lobes a bit because I HAVE ELF EARS! That’s right, no lobes. I need HEAVY ear rings to make me look human…. or long hair. Depending on what I’m really willing to do that day.

Anyway, back to the prize! To win, just submit a comment below about your best CLEAN April Fools day joke (either that was played on you or that you played on someone). Remember, kids, this is a family show.

Here’s mine:

My brother was working at the school where Andy and I were before we moved to Montana. There was a single girl that also worked there. Everyone thought they should pair up. They had no feelings for each other beyond friendship, however, they kinda looked like they’d make a good couple and you know how us married people are always trying to get more people in our “married” boat.

My brother, the girl and I all decided to play a joke on the school. I started a rumor that he and the girl were dating and that he was planning to ask her to marry him. They totally fell for it. It was awesome. My brother did the reveal at a staff meeting and it got a great laugh and some groans and maybe a little friendly kidding after that FOR A LONG TIME!

It took more than I thought to convince them that this was indeed an April Fools joke!

However, these ear rings are no joke! They are the real deal and heavy to boot. Come and get it, kids! The winner will be announced on April 2! No entries after midnight April Fools day (the 1st).



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2 responses to “An April Fools Giveaway!

  1. Mandi Gane

    Alright…my last year of college at Southern I was both a nurse and a firefighter (yes, I was still a student too). I got off my shift around midnight and was home around 1 a.m. I got a phone call from the guys at the fire dept (most college aged like me) asking me if I had access to a drill. I asked why and they wouldn’t tell me. Knowing them well enough, I said no and then wandered down to the fire dept just to see what trouble they were getting themselves into since it was April Fools. Well, the truth finally came out…Southern puts on a passion play for Easter that includes “the gates of Jerusalem” right in front of the dorm. They were going to close the “gates” and screw them shut so no one could drive about. I have my limits so I said no stinkin way…but then while they were out doing their midsdeeds (I honestly don’t remember if they ended up doing this prank) I decided that I COULD be the sneaky one here. So I snuck into their bunk rooms and put ice in their beds. Then, I slipped out, decided I should play it safe so tried to fall asleep in my truck WITH the doors locked. Sure enough, they came back, I heard the doors close, and I waited. About 15 minutes later, I hear the doors to the dept reopen and then someone trying to open my truck doors. They were NOT happy to have to sleep in wet beds that night!

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