Not So Secret Millionaire

I’ve been intrigued by a newish show, Secret Millionaire. These rich guys hide their identity and go into a neighborhood that needs help, find those who are worthy, and volunteer. Then at the end there is a big reveal and they give away a total of $100,000 split up between the people/organizations they encounter. Ok, that’s cool. They are giving back. We all cry and are warm and fuzzy inside.

I heard a story of a man who went to the pastor of a church and tossed off a check for a very large amount. After being thanked, he puffed up a bit saying, “I bet you had that much before.”

The pastor remarked, “Oh, but we have. Just not all at once. There are people who give faithfully every week or month make up this amount every year. We are very fortunate to have donors like them, and you.”

What really impresses me are the faithful. I love those who are willing to give on a whim but that is easy. It’s those who give of their time, their energy, their resources, their wealth, EVERY DAY, even when the shine of it is over, even when the warm fuzzy is gone. I’m moved to tears by those who give in secret and NEVER have that moment where they see the gratitude of the receiver because that’s not what it was about.

I’m impressed by the Sabbath School teacher who sends notes through the mail to her little kids who don’t make it. I’m impressed by the next door neighbor who shovels an old ladies walkway to early in the morning for her to know who it was. I’m impressed by the person who pays for the next several people in the toll line and then drives off never revealing his identity. I’m impressed by the person who pays for a kids tuition through an anonymous donation at the struggling Christian school.

The awesome thing is, these people are all around me. I know them. I know what many of them do even if they think I don’t. I’m impressed with my community and my awesome friends and family. I am blessed to be a part of several groups of friends who are amazing!!!!


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