Are You Reading This?!

If you read my blog and find errors, please feel free to message me, email me, or whatever. I always want to get those fixed. I also take on this guys opinion wholeheartedly!



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4 responses to “Are You Reading This?!

  1. Peter Christian

    Hi, Callie. I read your blog from time to time and I really appreciate both what you say and how you say it. I catch little bumps in the grammar road every now and then, but it really doesn’t phase me. In my mind, words are for communication, and if I understand what you have said/written, then the language has done its job. Thank you for your posts, and please keep them coming!

    • PETER! How are you? I totally followed your journey when you were posting about the bike trip. I would love to see more from you!

      • Peter Christian

        I’m doing really well! Lately I’ve been trying to balance my double music major at West Chester University of PA with a new job delivering pretzels at the crack of dawn. It’s a challenge, but I’m enjoying it (although there’s precious little time for personal writing—agh!). On a different note, the New York Times has been my latest guilty pleasure (it’s SO easy to procrastinate, especially when it’s free for students!), and I found this article about the recent drastic improvement of veggie burgers. I know you probably won’t be able to sample any of the local Manhattan cuisine anytime soon, but I thought you still might like it. :^)

      • Sweet… I’ll check it out.

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