Cyberspace is Scary

Recently, I’ve been spending way to much time reading the Mommy Wars stuff on the web. It’s everywhere. I’m not going to link to it because I don’t want my readers to get into the same trap as I did but it can dang near cause you to want to quit blogging. It happens when someone posts something person, maybe to personal, on their blog and their commenters proceed to rip them to shreds over it. Granted, I don’t agree that EVERYTHING needs to go up on the world wide web and many times bloggers are using their real names and contact information. Anyone they talk about on their blog is subject to being discovered as the subject of some comment, good or bad.

I decided to avoid that part of cyberspace for a while and went to see how things were over in church land (blogs/magazines that are connected with the SDA church) and it’s JUST AS BAD if not WORSE!!! I couldn’t believe some of the “saints” who will take an innocent article and proceed to have a “comment” discussion that degrades into a word match slashing the character of any other commenter that disagrees with them.

I think cyperspace is great. I love this blog. The one thing that blogging or any kind of writing for a public forum does is open one up to public scrutiny. It’s scary. I know this blog is usually less than controversial (what do we think of the “poop” blog Andy put up recently… LOL) so I feel relatively safe but you never know. It’s a jungle out there and the vultures are circling…

Really, that’s the danger in putting yourself out there. It opens you up and makes you vulnerable. However cathartic or cleansing your confessions might be, they are out there FOREVER. There is no taking it back once it has been published. The internet has made the instantaneous self-publish possible. Everyone has the opportunity to say whatever they want, whenever they want, out loud to MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WORLDWIDE. No my blog doesn’t get that many hits. 3,000 a month is very small considering I post every day and the same 100 people are looking at the blog over and over. However, I never will know exactly who has read it and who has not. It’s not the place to slam someone (if you ever read my Andy slams, I assure you, he was reading over my shoulder as I wrote them and I always make sure he is ok with my sarcastic humor before I put it out there) or something unless you are well aware of what the consequences may be. It may seem that you are throwing something out into the world somewhat anonymously but I assure you, the internet is not as anonymous as you think! The thing about the comment wars is that people believe that their comments are warranted and that they are actually going to change someones mind. My rule of thumb with comments is, would I say that to the persons face? No? Then keep it to yourself. They will read that comment! They will analyze that comment! Yes, they put themselves out there but does that mean that we as commenters need to express every thought that enters our fingers?

I don’t know. This is just me rambling some thoughts as I watch people become vulnerable in what may be the wrong forum and then get SLAMMED! What do you all think?



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2 responses to “Cyberspace is Scary

  1. Peter Christian

    Very thought provoking post. As is often the case, our increased freedoms bring out both the very best and the very worst in humanity. Despite the trouble this brings on, I have no doubt that it is worth it. As always, thank you for your words. :^)

  2. Word, comments can be so distructive. I thank God every day that comments on my blog haven’t been contraversial as of yet and people tend to avoid that contraversy when they are dealing with issues like mine. I have a freind that post contraversial stuff on facebook all the time trying to bait people and it seems to work. I find myself writing a comment in frustration and anger and then come to my senses and realize that it doesn’t matter what I write to him, he isn’t going to back down. He wants me to comment back so that he can defend his position. So i delete my comment and move on and never have to see all those red notification numbers in the corner of facebook telling me that “everyone and their mother has also commented on So and So’s status.”

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