Unfinished Projects and Me!

I am aspiring, after following The Penny Farthing for a while, to sew more. I have done some quilts including one that I hand painted animals onto for my nephew. I have also recently gotten into some embroidering. I’m almost done with a “quiet book” that has several pages of embroidered fun stuff for my girls to stay quiet in church and of course, you can’t hear the pages turning so… there you go.

I also have multiple recipe and project blogs that are in the works, partially written and not finished because of pictures and/or lack of testing. Here’s some of the projects I have in the works that are STILL not done!

This is my embroidery corner which needs to be organized and you can see an unfinished project hanging precariously!

A page from the unfinished quiet book. I did it all by hand! I love it. I need to get on finishing it.

A yet to be finished portrait of a distant relative. This drawing is also the subject of one of my many unfinished blogs!

I’m actually considering getting a sewing machine but… my issue is that I’m the queen of started-but-not-finished projects. I have forced myself to NOT start any more projects until I finish the ones I’ve already started. HOWEVER, I’m always on the hunt for the next best project. Here is one that I’m totally interested in!

Pillowcase Dresses




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2 responses to “Unfinished Projects and Me!

  1. Hooray! So glad I could inspire you! That embroidered quiet book looks lovely! I want to see more–keep going!

  2. I’m thinking of blogging about all the unfinished projects I have stashed around the house. Maybe it would inspire me to finish some of them if I could see them looking at them from my computer screen…

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