Should, Coulda, Woulda… DID!

Andy and I went on a date. That in itself is shocking.

Still more shocking is that we went to a sushi place. I haven’t been able to eat sushi since I was pregnant with Abby. I have tried but it has always had an adverse effect on me. We only had the avocado sushi which contains no meat. It was yummy.

I am always swayed, by the fact that I’m eating out, to eat fish at restaurants. I love salmon. That’s what I got. Grilled salmon and an avocado roll. After biting into my salmon, I believed it was very over cooked.

Dilemma. Do I send back the fish? Is it really over cooked or is it just not up to my standards which are totally unknown to the chef? They did not ask me if I wanted leather salmon. They just said, “Salmon? Okey Dokey,” and were off to put in the order. Is there only one way to cook salmon? Should I always assume that I’m going to get salmon jerky when I order it grilled at a sushi restaurant? I don’t think so but I’m no Morimoto. The question becomes, do I send back food if I don’t like the way it is cooked or the way it tastes?

I did. I just told the waitress to take it away. She offered me another dish. I refused. Not because I had no faith that there were other good dishes at the restaurant as I had several pieces of very nice avocado roll.

She took it off the bill and I think that was right. I mean, I didn’t eat the whole plate. I simply ate a few bites, thinking maybe there would be something that didn’t require as much chewing toward the middle. When it failed to get better, I just quit. There was about 3/4 left on the plate so, should I have insisted on paying for that portion that I consumed?

I decided I didn’t want to waste perfectly good calories and non-vegan-ness on bad fish or what I considered to be bad fish. No shoulda, coulda, woulda for me! Life’s to short to waste chewing!

I did however get a dirty look from the guy rolling sushi as we walked out. I can just see the subtitles now:

“Is that the girl who sent back the fish?”


“She crazy! Take her off list. No more sushi for her!”

Do you send food back? Do you ever feel bad about it? Tell me your restaurant story.



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2 responses to “Should, Coulda, Woulda… DID!

  1. Alisha

    Haha! He was the Sushi Nazi! “No sushi for YOU!”
    I have sent food back, but I do feel bad about it. Like I am hurting somebody’s feelings back there in the kitchen. Then I have to remember they are probably so persnickety as chefs that they probably send back half of what they order at other restaurants. Anyhow, they darn well know when they’ve sent out crappy food. They’re more than likely expecting it to migrate back home. You just gave your sweet migratory dinner permission to go back upstream!

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