The Small Woman – Gladys Alward

Has anyone else seen The Inn of the Sixth Happiness? It was one of my favorite movies when I was young. I got a biography of Gladys Aylward to find out the real story behind the Hollywood film and it was awesome.

I love reading missionary stories. This one was no exception. It doesn’t hide anything about the horrors that she came across. I don’t know if I could have done it! The fact that the Chinese didn’t care about girl children, in fact would throw them away! was just awful. I cried. I would have been just like Gladys in that I would have been collecting every stray kid I found and adding them to my family.It is heart breaking just to read it, but Gladys didn’t let that stop her. She used that feeling of heart break to do GREAT things in China!

The movie, like most Hollywood depictions, is not quite the story but it’s not terribly far off. If you want to watch it, it’s two hours and then you can take a nap but if you really want a good missionary story that inspires and makes you think, get The Small Woman.




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2 responses to “The Small Woman – Gladys Alward

  1. I found your site through The Pioneer Woman, and I’m glad! I never knew there was a movie about Gladys Aylward. My daughter and I can’t wait to watch it. We found it on Netflix’s Instant Watch. 🙂

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