Man Blogs: Nephew Playing Hockey

My youngest nephew is quite the two sport athlete. He was a pitcher on his little league baseball team the Red Sox which won the California State Championships. He is currently playing junior Hockey for the Blackhawks. The team recently won the California State Hockey Championship. They are currently in New York playing in a National Hockey Tournament. Apparently, #55 is the best congratulator on his team!!!

My nephew is home schooled which allows him to play all these sports. Through hard work, determination, and natural athletic  ability, he has become a valuable teammate. Balancing sports and religious beliefs can be difficult. Games can be during the week, but some are on Saturday’s. My nephew’s religious beliefs don’t allow him to play games on Saturday’s. Because he was a valuable teammate his coaches did what they could to get their games moved so he could play.  Through a little creative scheduling he was able to play in the majority of his games. His story reminds me of a series of books I read as a teenager The Bucky Stone Series by David B Smith. Where a young athlete was still able to play sports, without giving  up his religious beliefs.

I am quite proud of my nephew.  I only wish I could be there to see him playing. I guess I can only live vicariously through pictures and Facebook updates.

Go Blackhawks!!! and Go #55!!!


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