My God Loves Me

Remember this post? Isn’t it amazing how a few weeks and some perspective can change things? Isn’t it amazing how God works to give his people the desires of their heart?

In the few weeks since I poured my fear out into this post, Andy has talked to the people responsible for choosing applicants. He found out some things he can do (including retaking a few classes YET AGAIN) to make himself a more desirable candidate. We are going to stay here, do what we can and apply again. I don’t know what will happen. I don’t know how it will all pan out in the end.

I DO know that God has shown us that it will all work out for his glory. He has been letting me know that I can have peace in my heart. He tells me every day that I need to chill! I think He would really say that, “Chill, Callie. Just chill.” There is something about writing it all down and sharing it with you that makes it stick in my mind what we are going through.

I think two of the biggest things I’m taking away from this is are 1. God has a plan and although we don’t know what it is, it will grow us and open new ways for us to witness and relate to others. 2. I am blessed. I’m blessed with possessions that are enough even though I don’t always think so. I am blessed with family that support and love and encourage. I’m blessed with children that tell me I’m a princess. I’m blessed with friends who care about me and pray for me. I’m blessed to have grown up on a country where this is possible. I’m blessed most of all to have grown up with the knowledge that there is a higher purpose to our existence and that there is a God who cares what happens to me. Although like the children of Israel, I forget and doubt, God is still there for me and loves me and gives me another chance to trust and obey.



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2 responses to “My God Loves Me

  1. Val

    You know that song “While I’m Waiting”? I have been living that song for quite some time and it seems to keep me going. Love ya friend!

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