Gardening with Daddy

"Hmm... Should I eat this or dig in it?"

I don’t garden. I could go on and on about how I have developed this hard core aversion to all things green thumb but I won’t. I’ll just say I hate it. This year, Andy decided that he didn’t want to live in a ghetto looking house anymore. Knowing from the icy stare I gave him when he asked me if I wanted to plant flowers that I wouldn’t want to even accompany him to Lowes, he and Abby went off without me and picked up some wood chips, bulbs and a few gardening tools. I let Cate out of the house for a few minutes to dig with Daddy. Andy got the lawn cleaned up, planted bulbs around the tree (his mother planted some in the flower bed along the house that are coming up and getting ready to look pretty!) and did it all with two little girls sword fighting with a rake and shovel all around him. He’s amazing like that. Anyway, I got some pictures cause it was so stinkin’ cute. He then lured me out to actually get my hands dirty with two raspberry seedlings that he picked up as well. He’s knows that they only way to get me out doors is to taunt me with fresh from the plant raspberries. I used to spend hours picking them at Pisgah as they grew right across the street from our house wild. Now we are planting our own. We’ll see if we get some by next summer. I’m actually a little excited. Thanks for the suggestion, Adam!


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