Volunteering Update

I’m heading out this morning to do some more training for my volunteering thing. Andy ran out to get me some cash so I could buy lunch at the little cafe under the volunteer office. While he was gone, Abby came into the bathroom.

Abby: Mommy, where you goin’?

Mommy: Out to see some ladies.

Abby: Can I come too?

Mommy: No, it’s just for Mommy.

Abby: But, Mommy, how you going to leave us? (A little to much My Big Fat Greek Wedding for her.)

That’s a good question. How am I going to leave them and go off and volunteer? Yes, I’m doing something about 4 hours a week that is a non-paid position. How can I possibly think of doing that when we are barely making ends meet?

I don’t know. I can’t explain it except that God is leading me to go there. I feel like I’m doing the right thing. I feel led to go there and do what I’m doing. If I was volunteering on Sabbath, I wouldn’t question myself. Why is it that I question 4 hours on a week day? Right now, the small amount of time that I have is on this day. I don’t even get weekends off from the kids so this is the only time (besides the two hours I’m at bells) that I have to be away from the kids every week doing something that’s just for me. Is it selfish that my volunteering is just a way to get away from my 24/7 job?

More things to ponder as I head back to the office today to learn how to deal with pregnant teens.


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