Where Do Babies Come From?

A friend who had a new baby came over for a visit the other day. She was holding him and Abby walked right up and said, “Where do babies come from?”

WHAT?! She didn’t ask ME?! I didn’t hear the question. I was informed of it later, however, I was kinda sad. This is one of those moments who are dreading yet hoping for. She’s only three and I’m sure we will have that discussion later again but… REALLY?! I missed that first one?

My friend was awesome and said they come out of the mommy’s tummy. When asked how do they do that? She said, “They can’t just stay in there forever. They need to come out.” That was it. Abby was satisfied and walked away. She totally handled it right and probably better than I could have. I was still a bit disappointed to have missed the exchange and not had my chance and the when-a-man-loves-a-woman speech. Oh, well. Next time… Hopefully, not until she’s 25 or so.


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