Cate has been screaming… since January. She started getting her 4 molars all at once and they have taken their sweet time coming in. Coupled with a little sickness here and there has caused her to become a monster. Sometimes, I think it’s warranted. She’s genuinely in pain and I want to hold her and help her feel like it’s going to pass. When she’s in pain, she lays on me and sucks her thumb. When she’s just a grouch, she hates everything. She screams when I’m doing dishes, she screams after she eats, she screams when I give her a bottle, she screams when there’s no one else around. Today, after almost 4 months of letting it go because I wasn’t sure she was old enough to learn, I’m taking a stand. She started in on the screaming right after waking up from her nap even though she had food, drink, me to hold her… everything she could want. Abby was even sleeping so she had me all to herself! After an hour of trying to figure out what was wrong with her, I set her in her bed and went to take a bath. I couldn’t deal with it any more and I was afraid if I kept trying, I would do something I would regret.

Anyone who says they don’t understand how parents can shake their kids is either not a parent or deaf. When there is constant screaming and the kid is following you around hanging on your leg, you begin to understand so many things. Today was that day. I wish I could remember all that I did with Abby over this issue.

My plan (for now) is to put Cate in her crib when she’s being a brat and get her out when she calms down. We’ll see.


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  1. Denice

    Good luck, Callie. It can be so frustrating to not be able to help her…but maybe she’s in a habit. Hope you get it figured out! Thinking of you!!

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