Smelly Spring

Friday, Andy mowed the lawn. Last night, we cracked the window in our bedroom for the night to get some fresh air circulating. This morning, a steady stream of cold, fresh air was aimed right at my nose. I woke up smelling camp meeting in the air and I knew spring was here. I took a walk, alone. Early, before Andy headed off to work, I went out for a little mommy time and thought about that smell.

For many years when I was a teen, my family would head off to camp with other families and attend church meetings for a week. I worked in the cafeteria and got up early in the morning to make breakfast, serve people and wash dishes. Those mornings I would walk from my tent or cabin toward the cafe and smell the freshness of the outdoors. It’s such a great smell. It’s a smell that puts me in a good mood. It makes me feel like new life is coming. I call it “that camp meeting smell” but really, it’s just the smell of wet grass and dirt and new flowers and dew and youth and freshness. For some reason, I always have the urge to eat Linkettes when I breath in this smell. It’s the kind of smell you want to breath in all day and you can! Just mow the lawn and open some windows!

What puts you in a good mood? Is it a smell, a sound, a feeling? Tell me about it!


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