Tea Party

Ever since I found out I was having a girl, I have wanted to have a tea party with her. It’s just a girl thing. I want desperately to live out those childhood play times again. I want to recapture the innocence of it all!

When Abby turned 2, we had a tea party birthday but it wasn’t the same as when you and your little girl sit together with her dolls and stuffed animals and have tea together. It was chaotic and I was only a few days from having Cate. It was just another birthday party theme.

Today, I decided to wade through the garage and get out that party set and have tea with my daughter. Cate was asleep and we were kinda bored. I got out some herbal tea, toast and we proceeded to have an absolute blast. I drank all the tea and then filled the pot with water so she could practice pouring without causing to much damage. She played at that for an hour and I had such a blast teaching her to pour… but not to much. I taught her to play… but not to rough. It was a great way to help her learn fine motor skills. We are planning another one on Friday and I will take pictures. We are dressing up next time. Maybe I’ll do some little muffins.



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2 responses to “Tea Party

  1. I love tea parties.. They are a complete zoo with 3 children. I’m usually the observer, not a participant. My kids use British accents and it’s the funniest thing ever.

    • I can’t wait to use British Accents with Abby. She totally doesn’t get it now but maybe someday! Cate… Well, she’s the monster right now so we always have to play when she’s asleep. When she wakes up, all games have to change to Tokyo style Godzilla games. She’s the Iguana and we’re the open-mouthed victims jabbering in incomprehensible nonsense.

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