Chore Chart

I made this quite a while ago with my mom (who used one similar to this for me and my sister when we were young.) Abby was way to young to understand it. Now that she’s really starting to get the idea of chores and money going in her piggy bank, I thought I’d pull it back out and see if it worked. You can make one too! They are really fun and a great way to get your kid involved in chores.

You will need:

A non-stick baking sheet (I lucked out and found one with holes already in the hand grips. See if you can find one like this!)


Craft glue or hot glue

Wooden letters, one for the first letter of each child’s name and markers or crayons to color them with. I used markers as it’s a no clean up thing

little magnets and some kind of small, fun plastic thing to put them on

scrapbooking stickers representing the chores you want your child to do or whatever you are going to use the chart for

a drawstring baggy to put the magnetic animals in


Cut strings of twine long enough to go the length of your baking sheet. Cut enough strings to make as many columns as you have kids and one for the chores. I would suggest no more than three child columns thinner than the chore column, leaving about 2.5 – 3 inches for the chore column. Glue twine down with the craft glue or the hot glue. I did not measure because I’m pretty good at eyeballing it but you can if you want. I like it looking a little crazy because it looks more kid like, I also let Abby help so it got even more crazy and that was totally fun. Then do rows the same way making as many rows as you want chores. Ok, so I did just a random number and I’ll tell you why in a minute. It takes a while for these to dry if you use craft glue.

Next, color or paint your letters and glue them to the top of the sheet. Wait for them to dry."A" is for Abby!

Then use the stickers to fill in the boxes for chores.I found these ducks that were party favors for a baby shower. They were perfect to put the magnets on and use to show the chore was done for the day!The great thing about using non-stick baking sheets is that when you decide to change their chores, the stickers are easy to remove and replace.

Glue the magnets to the back of the animals or whatever fun plastic things you have chosen to use as representation that the chore has been completed that day.

Loop one end of the draw string through the bottom hand grip hole on your baking sheet, attaching it to hold the magnets. Hang up and use!

I lost my "C" for Cate. She's not old enough to use it right now anyway but there is a column for her when she's ready and I find a letter for her.


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