6 Ways to Get Your Child to Drink Water

1. Find these great homemade Popsicle things at a grocery store for CHEAP and put water in them instead of juice. Also less sticky when your kids are walking around with them dripping all over the kitchen floor.

2. Get twisty, fancy straws that are used ONLY for water drinking.

3. Put berries in your ice cube trays and freeze them in the ice. Use them in cups for snacks.

4. Have a tea party and serve water in all the containers – the tea pot, the creamer pitcher and the sugar cup. I promise, they will love it.

5. Let them drink out of water guns in the backyard. If you are cheap, your spray bottle you use for ironing or watering your plants is a great water gun substitute!

6. Drink water yourself. Claim it’s only for Mommys/Daddys. Drink it out of a special cup that is reserved only for you. When they ask for a drink of your water, hesitate as though it’s a huge thing to give up. Then let them have it.

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