Insulted? or Not?

I was watching Sid the Science kid and they were talking about pancakes. Hang with me. This is relevant, I promise! The mom made mushy pancakes, the dad made hard pancakes, but the grandma’s pancakes were just right! They went over how to make the perfect pancake and how things change and… well, you get the idea.

Later, Abby decided she wanted pancakes, presumably from watching the TV show. She wanted to help. She got to stir and pour and watch the bubbles form and then I flipped. She got up to the counter and I gave her a mini stack with syrup. She says, “Mommy. You are just like a grandma.”

WHAT?! Now if I hadn’t been watching the show with her, I would have been totally insulted by this hint at my age and possibly the state of my skin but in context, this was a compliment. She was saying that my pancakes were just right. So, yes… Abby, I’m just like a grandma and thank you.


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