Saturday Night in #Missoula

If you want to attend the bell concert Saturday night, April 30 at 7:30pm, just show up. There are no tickets, no pay at the door. It’s free. I’m going to be playing with the First Presby Choir of Missoula if you want to see me. I would love to have alot of people come and see it. It’s at Sentinel High School across from the Adventist Church. Please come out and see us.

Sundown is around 9 that night so it does happen on the Sabbath. It’s mostly sacred music as all the choirs are associated with churches but there are going to be some secular pieces. A Missoula Childrens Choir is coming to sing along with Syahumba so if you want to hear them, it’s going to be GREAT! Other than that, I believe everything is purely instrumental. There will be bells, chimes, drums… the works! There are 12 or 13 choirs all together with about 300 people ringing. They are from all over the state and some from Idaho and Washington. We are even getting an all childrens choir from Coeur D’Alene.

Please invite everyone. Retweet, share on facebook with the locals and generally get us a huge crowd. It’s going to be a GREAT and unique experience for a Saturday night.

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