We Have Your Daughter

Dear Spencer Hannah,

Somehow, we switched children.

We have been using Soy Silk and Abby doesn’t like it. She has tasted it several times and politely, without spitting it out or being a brat, declined to have it on cereal, in a cup or any other way. She has had dry cereal several times. Today, she had her bowl of dry cereal and she asked, “Can I have juice on my cereal?” What?! This is not a preferred method of consuming cereal of anyone I know accept Spencer Hannah, a former boss and friend who lives far away and has only met Abby once when she was 3 months old. Where did she learn this? Where did she even get the idea?

After putting the orange juice on her cereal, we really thought she wouldn’t even eat it. Maybe she would take one bite and leave it and never return to the idea. She ate not one bite, not one bowl, but TWO bowls of cereal with orange juice on it. Weird? Yep.

So, Spencer… I’m not sure what that’s all about but you have a kindred spirit here. Feel free to visit and share your love of cereal and juice with Abby anytime.


Callie and Andy



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5 responses to “We Have Your Daughter

  1. M J Reed

    Hey trying using rice or almond milk and see if she might like them better.

  2. Susanne

    What a kick in the pants. I always thought he was a bit weird and now my granddaughter is doing it? Yikes!

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