I’ve Got THAT Feeling

You know when you are talking to someone and an actors face flashes in your mind and you can’t remember their name or anything they have been in but they are totally famous?

“Ummmm… you know that one guy that was in that one movie about the dragon. He has long gray hair and is like, kinda hot for an old guy?”

“Yeah… ummm… what else was he in?”

“That one movie about the serial killer. I can’t remember the name. Oh, man. That’s totally gonna bug me.”

It used to be that situation would come up almost daily. It was a song, or artist, or just some famous person and then you were humming lyrics or saying one line from a movie over and over trying, hoping to remember the name or the person or SOMETHING and it drove you nuts all day…

…and finally, just as you were about to drift off to sleep that night, you sat straight up in bed and yelled, “KEVIN BACON! It’s always Kevin Bacon!” Then you lay back down next to your befuddled spouse who was totally wondering why you were screaming someone else’s name and went to sleep.

Thanks to Blackberry and Google, you no longer have to have that feeling.You can have the internet at your finger tips 24/7.

I was thinking about this when my phone, that doesn’t have the internet was used as a step stool by my daughter as she reached for a cup of cold coffee that had been left on the chair side table. I could see that my phone was on the verge of non-existence and I thought, when I go in and use that upgrade, I should get a Droid like my husband and then, I’ll be the one that wins the mental jeopardy game we are playing all the time with those nagging questions. I could also blog from my phone! (Like I need another way to post…)

But you have to pay AND if I use Google, I don’t have the satisfaction of remembering Kevin Bacon all on my own! So, I will not be getting a data plan, Verizon. I will be using my insurance AGAIN and getting my same old phone that I have had for 3 years because I don’t have to get the internet and I can bring back that feeling of frustration every day as I stutter to remember that face… that movie… that song from that one show that we ALWAYS watch.

Bring back that loving feeling…. woah that loving feeling…. (Name that song and don’t use Google. I dare ya!)


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