Blabber Mouth

So Cate has been watching Abby and she’s turning out to be quite a copy cate! (Get it… Copy CATE! LOL I crack myself up.) She really knows just how to copy everything Abby does. She watches so carefully and well… let’s just say I hope she’s watching Abby on the potty because I don’t know how I’m going to deal with potty training all over again.

Abby will come up to me and and poke my shoulder or hip, whichever is closer, and say, “Mommy?” over and over and over until I finally say, “WHAT?” (By the afternoon, I’m usually using an annoyed Bill Cosby voice.) Cate has discovered that this is a great way to get my attention. However, she has about a 3 word vocabulary and once she’s said, “Mama?” in the cutest questioning voice with that little look on her face, she only has two words left to say.

“Mama? Mama? *while poking me and looking at me with her little face upturned and questioning* Peek-a-boo! Blah blagger blah googley blag.”

Kills me. I love it. Even after I’ve had days of wanting to kill myself from all the nonsense they throw at me, Cate’s little blabber mouth just makes me totally happy and know that it’s worth it.


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