Sabbath is for Babies

So Sabbath is here which for mother’s of toddlers means two things: torture and beauty. It’s hard to get your babies to church and through even some of the service. There are snacks and quiet books and a host of ways that you are trying to help your child wait until the service is over before they FREAK OUT! The mother’s room is always full of fed up mother’s and their wild children (well, my children and me rolling my eyes). Sadly, the speakers/televisions in these small churches mother’s rooms rarely work and we are subjected to the screams of our kids and no sermon (and just when I was starting listen!) Church loses it’s meaning for you as a grown up sometimes.

However! It is fun to see the babies all dressed up and happy and learning about Jesus. It’s beautiful to see them folding their hands in prayer and learning the songs and imitating the teacher for days afterward. I love walking into Abby’s room and seeing that she’s got all her felts out and lined up the stuffed animals and is holding Sabbath School.

Happy Mother’s Day to those who keep doing it week after week no matter how tough it is. I’ve been told it only gets better!


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