Tippy Toes

Cate knows how to get on the dinning room chairs. She is climbing and reaching and generally making a nuisance of herself by getting stuck up high somewhere just when I’m going to the bathroom or blogging or something. The other day I saw her trying to get off a chair. She was hanging off the seat with her toes reaching desperately for the floor but not quite touching. Since she couldn’t see the floor and couldn’t feel the floor, she hung there squealing for help.

I decided not to help her. All she needed to do was let go of that seat and her feet would touch the ground and she would be where she wanted to be and safe.Eventually she got it but it took quite a while and alot of faith that there was something underneath her.

Sometimes I think we do that. I think we are clinging to what we know is there but isn’t where we want to be. We hang in perilous limbo, hating our lives but not wanting to take that leap. We are safe in our minds but whining to God that we want to be somewhere more solid or more free or more interesting but because we can’t see the floor, we cling to the familiar and visible and squeal while he says over and over in a language we sometimes don’t understand, “LET GO! Your toes are just an inch from solid ground!”

What do you need to let go of today?


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