Callie: The Saga

Did you ever watch the Cosby show? Their daughter Denice changed her idea of what she wanted her life to be every episode. She changed her major every time she came home, dropped out, spent a year in Africa and then still couldn’t decide.

That’s how I feel. Every other day, although I know I am going to be a stay at home mom for a long time, I change my mind about what I want to do as a mother, when I re-enter the work force, if I want to re-enter now or later or sometime in the middle. It’s all very strange. I am re-watching all these old Cosby episodes on Netflix and realizing what a mess I am. I just need to buckle down into a schedule. I need to start really teaching my children something instead of just keeping them fed, loved and alive. We need a curriculum.

To that end, I would like some suggestions. Can anyone tell me what they do with their toddlers and if you are teaching them, exactly how much of a schedule are you actually in?


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  1. Laura S.

    Go you! I’m really proud of you! This is a big step and I think it might make both you and the girls feel better about your days at home together. As an obviously/self-proclaimed type A, this makes me squeal with excitement.

    We both know I have no suggestions, other than making it fun and keeping the hands busy, thanks to my lack of offspring. Good luck!

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