American Sign Language

I have always had an interest in learning more languages. I speak some Spanish and I’d like to learn more. I know how to sign the alphabet and I’d like to learn how to sign for real.

With Abby playing with the “mouses” and having conversations with them, I have decided it’s the right time for us to do something that will teach us sign language together! We are using this website and she is teaching the mouses to talk. It’s sooooo cute! She’s picking it up like crazy! I can’t wait for us to be able to teach a class together. It will be out own secret language.

The last few days we have learned a few signs every day. Hopefully, by the time a class opens up (which are surprisingly FULL at the university) I will be semi-proficient and able to handle the class. I’d love to become a translator. Then finish learning Spanish and translate that. Then learn a few more of the romantic languages and translate those!

But who is going to pay for all that?! Maybe I should join the army…


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