Cooking Tip: Mexican Food is ALL THE SAME!

So I post tons of recipes on here but I’m going to screw myself a little by saying, all the Mexican recipes have the same basic ingredients. Basically, what I’m saying is, whoever came up with Mexican food said, “Let’s find a hundred different ways to name tortillas, meat and or vegetables.” (Yes, I’m ripping of Jim Gaffigan a bit here but it’s all to the point.)

If you are in need of something to make for dinner, go into your refrigerator, get out anything that could be construed as Mexican food ingredients  toss it together and voila! You have a dinner. It’s the same thing that has been happening with leftovers and cream of mushroom soup in potlucks all over the country for YEARS!

Tonight’s specialty:

1/2 cup corn (leftover from the black bean couscous recipe)

2/3 cup refried beans (leftover from burritos yesterday)

1 cup sauteed onions and tri-colored peppers chopped (leftover from fajitas)

1/2 cup grated random leftovers of soy cheese (left over from grilled cheese, fajitas and burritos)

1/4 cups Morning Star Farms Griller Bits Meal Starters (leftover from breakfast burritos)

1/2 cup leftover Spanish Rice -olives as they are way strong… I just picked them out and ate them as a snack while I was cooking.

Mix that all up in a bowl. Slap it in and roll it up in some fajita shells. Put them in a cassarole dish. Slather with enchilada sauce and bake at 375 for 30 minutes and you have yourself what I have dubbed HAYSTACK ENCHILADAS! Enjoy.


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