The Bible says that the community of new Christians were so happy to be together in the truth they sold all their belongings and moved in together! Can you imagine us being so close and focused on one goal that we sold everything and moved to some hippie compound? This day and age, it might seem strange but it has an appeal for me. I’m not hunting for a cult to join or anything but I can see why people do join communities like that.

I’m a chatty person. With only a 1 and 3 year old in the house with me all day, I turn to the TV to provide that buzz of grown up voices that I wish for. Every now and then, if you were listening at the door, you would hear me conversing with someone on TV. “What are you thinking, man?!”

Sometimes it’s hard to be a lone adult in my house and only be around other believers on Sabbath when I get a rest. It would be such a wonderful thing to be able to wash dishes on a daily basis along side a companion who loved God as much as I do. It would be such a relief to learn to make clothes and furniture together. How amazing would it be to have a garden that provided food for everyone living there? WHO’S WITH ME?


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  1. I would be so there with you….(:

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