After seeing this on Etsy, I decided that rather than spend the $238 to buy one, I could just make one. I’m crafty, right? Little did I know how much yarn costs and the time it takes to make something like this. However, I soldiered on and here is the result.

It’s nothing as awesome as the one in the picture. However, I’m excited to have picked up a new skill and hobby and I’m working toward making and AWESOME one with similar squares to the ETSY one.

One thing I don’t understand – blocking. What is it and why is it important? Please inform me if you are an expert… or not an expert. I welcome opinions on this topic!



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3 responses to “Afghan

  1. Alisha

    Callie, that is AWESOME! Absolutely beautiful!

  2. It’s sooo beautiful!! Agh, I love it! All those happy colors. I haven’t wandered into crocheting or knitting yet, it intimidates me with even more things to learn–but this is very cool.
    As for blocking, I know nothing about it, but one of the blogs I read does, and I did a search and found her tutorial on it:
    Good luck! And well done, seriously. I love the colors on the gray background.

  3. Susanne


    Blocking just keeps things square and looking good. Don’t know how but I like katrina’s link. Glad you’re having fun!!!

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