And the Game Goes to…

Kids come whining into the room waking mommy up to change diapers and get with it.

Kids – 1, Mom – 0

Kids want to have a diet consisting only of Macaroni and Cheese and Bananas. Mom refuses and adds in some whole grains. “No more of ANYTHING until you eat that cereal.”

Kids – 1, Mom – 1

Mom is hunting for the media remote for 10 minutes and gives up. Doesn’t find it until she goes to take out the trash. Grrr…

Kids – 2, Mom – 1

Kids scream and whine about being bored while Mom is trying hard to clean up, do laundry and pack for the trip. Finally, they are allowed to watch TV.

Kids – 3, Mom – 0 (She loses a point for losing it!)

After cleaning the house, Mom comes out of her room to find the books have all been taken off the shelves, there are toys strewn from here to there and garbage is randomly scattered around.

Kids and Dad – 22, Mom – -12

BUT WAIT! Mom drinks a second cup of coffee, somehow gets the kids down for naps at the same time (or at least has them locked in their respective nap places), cleans up and has a few minutes to sit and write this blog!

Kids (lose all their points for fouling out) – 0, Mom – 100!

I WIN!!!!!!!!!!!


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