It’s Sabbath… again

The girls slept in this morning and I thought, “Wow! Maybe if I let them sleep right up until I HAVE to get them up, they will be awake and happy enough to make it through church.” NOT!

Cate started whining half way through SS and she cried and threw herself on the floor in an unprecedented fit. That was it. She was drooling and chewing on her fingers and just hating life in the unmistakeable pain of a toddler getting YET ANOTHER TOOTH. I brought her home to give her some pain reliever and she had exhausted herself so she went right down for a nap.

I had thought maybe she would just sleep for a little while and then we could head back for potluck but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. I’m sure the church members think I”m some terrible heathen. I only bring my kids to SS and I have stopped even going into the sanctuary. I used to attempt to make it until children’s story but that’s not happening anymore either. Four weeks of someone or another being sick has killed any attempt at being in the big program.

Since my Bible study is out for the summer, my personal spiritual feeding has been reduced to singing, “Who has come to Sabbath School?” Personal devotions are sketchy at best. How did this HAPPEN? How did I end up being that person who barely makes it in the door and then runs off at the first opportunity?


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