Double Trouble

The last weekend, before we left for Montana, Abby got sick. She was REALLY sick. It was coming out both ends and she was just miserable. No one else got sick. She got better after what seemed like days, weeks, months! We traveled back to Montana and thank goodness on those days, no one was sick at all. BUT!!!! As we all know, if one goes down, the other is sure to follow. Cate started her bought with it on Wednesday afternoon and has just now gotten to the point were I’m not scared to let her eat food. The thing about babies being sick is you can’t tell when they are getting better. They play and play and then puke and then got right back to playing. I guess that’s ok. She did take longer naps and was more fussy but it’s weird how she wouldn’t be kept down. Abby slept for two days (or at least sat in front of the TV in a daze for two days.) Cate, never sits. EVER! Anyway, we are keeping the girls away from Sabbath School and Church just to make sure yesterday was the last day and no one else will be exposed.

We did miss you MONTANA! Can’t wait to see all my peeps.

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